Testing C++ online

In this short post I wanted to share links to three online services that I use for testing different aspects of C++ and C++ compilers.

  • https://wandbox.org/ — this allows you to compile and observe the output of programs compiled in different versions of GCC and Clang, with different versions of Boost libraries;
  • https://godbolt.org/ — this allows you to see the assembly of C++ programs generated with different compilers on different platforms;
  • http://quick-bench.com/ — this allows you to micro-benchmark C++ functions on different versions of GCC and Clang using Google’s benchmark library.
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3 Responses to Testing C++ online

  1. Ernst says:

    hey Andrzej, thank you for the post! just a question – when you need to investigate something quickly at runtime , what do you use? mean e.g. I use gdb online – onlinegdb.com , but looking for similar for lldb and cdb . do you know such services?

    • Ernst, unfortunately, I do not know of such a tool. When debugging is needed I have to do it locally. Maybe the readers of the blog will be able to suggest something.

      Thanks for the link. I did not know this one.

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