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A moved-from optional

This post is in response to claims, that I have heard number of times, that the semantics of optional’s move operations are wrong: Some people are surprised that the second assert holds: the unfulfilled expectation is that moving from an … Continue reading

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Efficient optional values

In this post we will see a library for storing nullable/optional values that can in certain situations replace and outperform Boost.Optional.

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Set-up and tear-down

Recently as part of program run-time performance optimization effort, I was scanning through the code for occurrences of keyword new. The goal was to find unnecessary memory allocations. I was surprised to find most of news in the unit test … Continue reading

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A conditional copy constructor

In this post we will try to define a ‘wrapper’ class template that does or does not have a copy constructor depending on whether the wrapped class has it. This will be a good opportunity to explore in depth a … Continue reading

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A gotcha with Optional

This post is about one gotcha in Boost.Optional library. When starting to use it, you might get the impression that when you try to put optional<T> where T is expected, you will get a compile-time error. In most of the … Continue reading

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On operator<

Today I want to share with you a more philosophical issue I face with how the meaning of operator< is overloaded in C++. This could cause subtle bugs in programs.

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Clever overloading

This post is intended to be a light introduction to certain C++ guru tricks. I want to introduce a couple of concepts that typically put normal people off. If you are an expert you will probably not learn anything new, … Continue reading

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In this post I want to describe a small language feature added in C++11 that, although essential for full value semantics support, is often neglected in tutorials and in compiler implementations.

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Beware of magic values!

Update. The advice I gave below using Boost.Optional was invalid and potentially bug-prone. It is now changed, to reflect my experience with using Boost.Optional. In this post I wanted to show, by a not-so-short example, how the decision to signal … Continue reading

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