Boost Library Incubator

Update. This post was written in 2014. In 2021 Boost Library Incubator is shutting down, as per this notice.

Today, I wanted to draw your attention to the new initiative driven by Robert Ramey: Boost Library Incubator. It is a place where one can put C++ libraries targeted for inclusion into Boost. One of the biggest Boost’s strengths is its review process. Anyone that feels competent in the problem domain, or even a potential novice user, can give feedback to the author of the candidate library. This is the opportunity for the author to improve the library and learn about the problem domain.

Boost Library Incubator helps you shape the library so that it meets Boost standards. It also offers the ability to collect preliminary reviews. Even if you do not want to submit or review any library, the site offers a number of useful hints on how to design a good library with good and attractive documentation. For instance, Robert shows that you do not need to wait for Concepts Lite in order to have your generic library produce a meaningful error messages.

For more information, see also Robert’s talk at CppCon 2014.

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